World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Is Here But…

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Fans of World of Warcraft will be happy to know that the Battle of Azeroth has been released so players can actually start playing the new content right now.

However, some players are already facing issues getting online as players reported that they are getting stuck at ‘logging in to the game server’ screen. Other players also reported that they manage to get online but they can’t see their characters.

Blizzard has already announced that they are investigating the issue right now and we do not know how long they will need to solve the issue. Of course, Blizzard will probably continue to iron out all these issues these few weeks but it is frustrating for the fans that have been waiting to play the new content for Wow.

The update will increase the level cap to 120. Players that are level 110 and above will get to either side with Stormwind or Undercity. The update will also come with bounties now which will let you make a fortune by hunting down other players but you might also end up on the list if you become too popular.