Microsoft hasn’t given any confirmation that they are launching the Microsoft Surface Phone but many people believe they will. What they did say when asked was that it would be a good idea, but will we ever see the arrival of the device?

All signs are pointing to the arrival of the Microsoft Surface Phone coming our way during quarter three of the year. First signs showed up with Nokia stopped being reliant on Microsoft and moved to Google Android. Another sign was when the Lumia phone disappeared from the market.

Microsoft has now stopped many Lumia related services online and they closed the Lumia Photography page on Instagram, which also sparked rumours of the Microsoft Surface Phone coming our way.

We have heard that the Microsoft Surface Phone may be the only phone to come from Microsoft and that the device is going to be sophisticated and be packed with Windows features. Rumours have been going around that that Continuum is going to be upgraded and this is going to make the Surface stand out as a one of a kind handset.

But the biggest question on the lips of everyone is when the Microsoft Surface Phone is going to arrive on the market?

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