Will Tesla Pickup Be The American Dream?

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Pickup trucks are said to be an American culture and this is one of the main reasons why almost every vehicle maker in the US is making one.

Tesla is going to be the latest to offer up a pickup truck and they have teased us in the past about it when they said that they do have an interest in making such a truck. But the big question is whether or not the truck would be the American dream.

The Tesla pickup truck that is shown above is a render. It isn’t official but the designers of it did try to stick with the design language offered by Tesla. Should Tesla eventually make a pickup then we do expect it to have a look like that of the above.

The render of the truck does look decent, but perhaps it isn’t hardcore enough for Americans. Bear in mind that the Tesla pickup truck would come with an electric engine and so it may be lacking on the performance front.

This is only our though of course from what we have seen from the TopSpeed render of the Tesla pickup.

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