Wild Mercedes C-Class Shows Grown-Up Interior

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The Mercedes C-Class has been given a refresh on the interior and now it is all grown up. The vehicle has been seen in prototype and it came with the same headlights and taillights as offered by the C-Class that is out at the moment, while the front bumper was kept under wraps.

When the Mercedes C-Class does make its way out it is however expected to come with rear bumper revisions along with taillights and headlights. One of the biggest changes to the interior on the prototype was the loss of the mouse that is seen in the current version, this covered half of a circular dial. The dial is still there and the console in the centre is now simpler than before.

We also got to see a new steering wheel in the Mercedes C-Class, along with new instrument cluster, which gives the vehicle a more mature look.

It is thought that when the Mercedes C-Class arrives it could come with the inline-six engines that are going to make their way out on the 2018 S-Class.

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