Why Xbox One X Will Beat PS4 Pro Outright

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Despite everything the Xbox One X had to offer, the PS4 Pro still manages to gain the upper hand most of the time but these new features could change that for the Xbox One X.

According to Microsoft, they will be giving the Xbox One X console three new major features. One of the features will be FreeSync. This will allow the Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles to match their framerate with the frame rates produced by AMD’s Radeon display. This would hopefully solve the stuttering issues.

Microsoft also announced the Automatic Game Mode switching feature which will allow the Xbox S and Xbox X system to instruct the TV to switch into a Game mode. This will only work with compatible TVs.

The final upgrade will be a fix for the RGB color output issue that some of the users have been experiencing. Although these upgrades are nice, do you think it is enough to take on the PS4 Pro?

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