Why The Wait For Dead Island 2?

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Dead Island 2 is a game that has gone through the hands of many developers and so we can perhaps understand why Sumo Digital need more time to finish off the game. However, they have had way more than just a little time now, so why are we still waiting?

Gamers have been waiting for the arrival of Dead Island 2 for many years and they haven’t even been offered much by way of details about the game. It seems that we are not getting any closer to the arrival of the game than we were many years ago. Now people are wondering if in fact Sumo Digital has only just got started on the game.

It seems that the wait is down to the fact that when Sumo Digital took over Dead Island 2 they decided to start again from scratch with the game and so threw out everything that the other developers had done. So there could be a brand new story coming our way along with new mechanics.

If this proves to be true then we could have to wait for many more years before seeing Dead Island 2 arrive. But will people be willing to wait that long?

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