Why Samsung Galaxy S6 Isn’t Getting Pure Android

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Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 don’t seem to mind which version of Android is running on their device as long as the handset works. Other people have to install the latest and newest version as soon as possible. It really doesn’t matter as updates don’t come quick to the handset as it doesn’t have pure Android.

Owners have said that it takes ages for updates to come to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and it took forever for it to get Android Lollipop. Owners could only look on as other phone makers launched the update for their handsets. Samsung don’t offer Google Play Editions, which tend to get updated faster. They used to offer Google Play Editions but now they have the Good Lock app.

Owners also complained that it took them forever to get updated to Marshmallow but there is little that they can do about it. Samsung hasn’t offered the Google Play Editions for two years now as they said that the handsets weren’t popular.

So owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot do anything but wait for updates as the device doesn’t have pure Android and it never will.