Why Samsung Galaxy S6 Doesn’t Offer Up Pure Android

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There are many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other Android handsets that don’t have any idea as to what version of Android they have on their device. Some owners do know and they do update when they are told they can update. Others constantly check to find the latest update as soon as they can and go ahead and make the update.

Those with the Samsung Galaxy S6 waited a long time to get the update to Android Lollipop and they could only watch as owners of devices including the LG G4 got updated.

Samsung at one time offered up pure Android by way of the Google Play Editions but these have dropped off as they haven’t been as popular as you might have thought. Instead of offering up pure Android, Samsung now offers the Good Lock app. However fans of the pure experience haven’t been happy.

Marshmallow did arrive for the Samsung Galaxy S6 but people missed pure Android as updates do seem to come faster. We haven’t seen the Google Play Editions for over two years now but if you are missing it you might want to bear in mind that support is typically bad and this is something that Sony found out.

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  1. Derek

    January 3, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    As with most of Google’s apps like Maps, Calendar, the email client, the dialer, the browser, the blah blah blah… Google is pretty famous for leaving their customers wanting more and better features in their apps and OS. So why is “Pure Android” so important? It’s like driving a stripped own ford pickup with vinyl seats, IOW no big deal. My S6 does’t run touchwhiz either,maybe it;s in there somewhere but I never really see it. What it does run are Nova Launcher that I cannot only do without on a phone but I also NEVER think about it, never. The same is true of Business Calendar 2 , Dolphin Browser, Poweramp, MX Player, Bluemail, and on and on. This is why people root their stuff, because Google fragments their OS and leaves out features that are already antiquated and improved. But that just my opinion. I love android and won’t use anything else but Prue android is feature poor and a bore.