Why In The World Did BMW Get Fined For $40 Million?

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Seems like the German automaker had offended the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) again, but this time it’s for not recalling vehicles in a timely fashion.

It’s during September when the agency decided to open an investigation surrounding BMW’s lateness in fixing the 2014 and 2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop models as they failed to meet the minimum requirements. Not only did the automaker fail to comply with the standards, they’ve also admitted to violating several of these laws: not informing NHTSA of a defect within five days, taking too long to file information related to a recall and not notifying owners of their defect. If you had never thought they could be as irresponsible as this, well now you do.

But you might be wondering what prompted the agency to open an investigation into BMW. Well, it all happened back in 2014 when the NHTSA crashed three 2014 Cooper Hardtop and found them not compliant in protecting passengers in a side impact. And BMW naturally defended the cause, but surprisingly, when the agency made another crash-test again earlier this year, the Coopers were failed to meet any of the requirements again. For a well-respected brand in the face of the automobile industry, why on earth would BMW not be compliant to the rules and abide the laws?

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