Why Apple MacBook Pro Isn’t Always The Best Choice

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While the Apple MacBook Pro is a superb device it may not necessarily be the best choice.

The Apple MacBook Pro 2016 has made its way out and it comes with a brand new look, more features, a battery that lasts longer and it offers plenty of power. However it also comes with some very nasty surprises.

The first thing that you may hate about the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is the fact that it doesn’t come with the regular USB ports. Instead you get several USB C connectors and these are smaller and reversible and you cannot connect monitors and accessories.

The MacBook Pro comes with new USB C charging connectivity and this means that you cannot enjoy the benefits of using MagSafe charging. The current version of the MacBook Pro has the charger held in place via magnets, which allow the cord to break away if you trip over it.

The MacBook Pro lacks the SD card slot on the new 13 inch and 15 inch version, so you are going to have to buy a USB C SD Card adapter to transfer your photos and videos onto the device.

If you connect to VGA, HDMI or Ethernet you are going to have to buy a dongle to use with the MacBook Pro.

Finally the MacBook Pro doesn’t have an escape key as the top row was taken over by the OLED touch strip along with Touch ID. This means you don’t get the function keys either.

So have you been put off from purchasing the MacBook Pro?

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