White LG Nexus 4 For Christmas (You Know You Want It)

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The LG Nexus 4 is an elusive device. One minute you can order it at Google Play and the next minute it’s gone, out of stock. If you want to get your hands on it then you have to be very quick.

Retailer lists white LG Nexus 4

Now it seems that soon you might be able to get your hands on a white version of the LG Nexus 4, at least according to a retailer in the UK.

Both versions of the LG Nexus 4 were sold out in the within hours of the handset going on sale. The device has been very popular thanks to the 8GB version being just $299. So the white version could prove to be just as popular.

Of course it could be a mistake on the part of Carphone Warehouse, who happened to be the retailer showing the device being available in white on their webpage that is dedicated to the Nexus 4. At the moment the only colour available has been the black version of the LG Nexus 4 of course. What’s strange is that when you choose the white option, the black photo disappears, but it isn’t replaced with the white one. So we’re not sure if there is an embargo on it.

Carphone Warehouse were responsible for leaking pricing of the device before it was announced officially and it could be that the white version of the handset may be exclusive to the company, as this has happened in the past.

For now we will just have to wait and see whether a white LG Nexus 4 will come out. It would make Christmas a little whiter wouldn’t it.

White LG Nexus 4 color option on bottom left corner

White LG Nexus 4 color option on bottom left corner

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