Where Is Dead Island 2? What’s Taking So Long?

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One thing that many gamers want to know is where Dead Island 2 is and what is taking so long for the game to come our way?

Sumo Digital really can’t be blamed as they have only just got hold of the game, but what if the delay really was their fault? The game is now in their hands after being passed among developers like hot cakes. Due to this we expected to see a delay in the game, but there really hasn’t been any news about it.

There are some gamers who now think that we will not see Dead Island 2 before at least a couple more years. But just what could be taking so long?

It could be that Sumo Digital has chosen to ditch all of any previous development of the game and start afresh. Deep Silver did give confirmation that Dead Island 2 is being developed, so at least we do know that they haven’t totally given up on the game.

But just how much longer do we have to wait before Dead Island 2 becomes a reality or before we even hear some news about the game and its development? Come on let us know what’s happening.

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