Whatsapp Video Calls: Where Art Thou?

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Millions of people use Whatsapp and the app has been getting more and more features with each release. However now people are asking what about adding in video calls?

We have been hearing rumours about video calls coming to Whatsapp for as far back as December. Now beta users have been telling us that they have helped to translate the app to different languages and they have seen strings that include video call and video calling is unavailable at this time.

It seems that the video feature is available on some devices that run the beta app, however it hasn’t been activated or it needs another party who is running the beta to test it out.

So at the moment it does look as though video calling is going to be coming to Whatsapp. Whether this is only going to apply to those who are beta testing the app isn’t known right now.

There has also been talk about groups getting invites via NFC tags and links. Voice calling is another feature that is going to be getting improved. At the moment if you make a call and no one answers it you don’t know if they didn’t answer due to the person not answering or being disconnected.

Document sharing has also been added to Whatsapp since last month and now you can send .pdf files along with .txt files and Google Docs. You can also send Word and Excel documents too. In the future there may also be support for other documents, including zip and vcf files.

But the main thing that most people want when using Whatsapp is video calling, so how about it?