Whatsapp Video Calling: What Happened To It?

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Whatsapp has millions of users and with each new version launched it gets more features. But one feature that people have been asking for is video calling. But when it is going to come, if ever?

Rumours about video calls heading to Whatsapp date back to December and now we are hearing that some beta users who have been helping to translate the app has seen some strings talking about video calls and saying that video calling is unavailable at this time.

The video feature has been available on some devices running the Whatsapp beta but it seems that it isn’t activated unless the other party is running the same beta app.

Right now it isn’t looking as though we are going to be seeing video coming to Whatsapp anytime in the near future.

We also heard about groups receiving invites through links and NFC tags. Voice calling would be a feature that will be improved. At the moment when making a call and no one answers users have no idea if there wasn’t any answer due to being disconnected or whether the person didn’t answer.

Document sharing also came to Whatsapp and it has been on the app since last month. This means you are able to send pdf files along with txt files and Google Docs. Word and Excel documents can also be sent and in future it will include zip and vcf files.

But still people want to know when video calling is heading to Whatsapp.

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