What’s Happening With Destiny 2 So Far?

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We don’t really know the story behind Destiny 2 so far as many people think that the game is under development but it hasn’t been confirmed one way of the other. What we do know is only rumours at the moment, along with speculation, so it is difficult to tell what is actually real information, and what’s not.

It is thought that we might see the trailer for Destiny 2 at the E3 and we did hear that the game will be coming to the PC. Of course there are many gamers who prefer playing on the PC and they will be rejoicing if this turns out to be true.

We have also heard that it is going to be a brand new game and this means that if you played the first game you might not be allowed to bring your characters into the new game. On the other hand it has been rumoured that you will be able to bring your upgrades.

It was said that Destiny 2 would be coming out this year but again this is nothing but a rumour and you should take any information you hear with a good pinch of salt.

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