Waze-Android Auto: Is This The Biggest Scam From Google?

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Google is soon to be enabling Waze on Android Auto and we think that this is going to come by way of an update. When it does drivers will be able to rely on the navigation app using the infotainment system of their vehicle.

Waze is going to be made available on Android Auto but it is going to come with a catch, invasion of privacy. This news came after research from the University of Michigans Ross School of Business.

They said that Google has delayed the integration of Waze in Android Auto so that they can collect data about how people drive their vehicles along with everything about the vehicle during real time operation. The data is then rapidly processed by Google and this allows them to inject ads in a live auction system.

The ads are said to identify what the driver needs at that moment in time and then offers them the relevant product. This is a great way for Google to create huge revenue, but it may well spoil the driving experience. For the time being nothing has been confirmed and we are going to have to wait to see what happens when Waze is integrated officially into Android Auto.

But are you worried about Waze spying on you when using it with Android Auto?

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