Watch Dogs 2 Ending May Have Given Clue To Sequel

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If you have finished the Watch Dogs 2 storyline you may want to check out the ending once again after updating as Ubisoft have added something extra to the game that may have given us a clue to the sequel.

While it isn’t a brand new ending, the latest patch does offer something after the ending. We are not going to spoil things for you of course but a new location shown in the ending suggests the new setting for Watch Dogs 2.

The patch 1.1 for Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t bring a brand new ending but it is going to tell you about a new location. However, you are only going to be able to gain access once the Human Conditions DLC comes our way.

Unlike the first Watch Games game the sequel to it is very good and many people have said that it is a lot better than the first game. So check out the Watch Dogs 2 ending to get an idea about the sequel.