Wasteland 3: Microsoft Not Sticking Their Fingers In It

Even though inXile Entertainment, the studio that is working on Wasteland 3 was bought out by Microsoft, the game is still being developed the way the studio envisions it.

According to Brian Fargo, the founder of the studio, Microsoft has let them do their own thing with the game and that the buy out has added a financial safety net for the studio to continue working on the game that they are so passionate about.

He explains that Microsoft came in, gave them the money needed and let them do it on their own. He emphasized that the buy out would not change the game that they are making. It was also reported that thanks to the help of Microsoft, the studio was able to add more voice acting to the dialogs of the game to create an even better version of the game.

For now, there is still no word on when Wasteland 3 will be released.