Warface: Titan Update Detailed

Ever since Warface was brought back to console last year, the game have been getting a steady stream of players and the developer, Blackwood Games is ready to offer more content to keep the players excited.

The next update that we will be getting our hands on will be the Titan update which will bring in a few new feature including a new class, SED and other additional events. One of the new event will event take you to Mars.

SED class will be like the heavy archetype that most games will have. This class will have large waepons like grenade launchers and miniguns and take down a lot of enemies at one go. The SED character in the game is a fully cybernatic character that can tank up a lot of damage but also deal a lot so its arrival will definitely change the coordination of the game.

Since it is cybernetics, only Engineers can revive SEDs.