Walmart: iPhone 5 Unlimited Data Plan Only $45/month, No Contract

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Walmart are the latest in the line of retailers to announce plans to bring the Apple iPhone 4 and 5 into hands of customers on the Straight Talk pre-paid plan, which comes without a contract with a carrier and which gives unlimited data. If you don’t take them up on the offer and go elsewhere then you are a sucker, seriously.

iPhone 5 unlimited data plan with Straight Talk

The plan, which is said to save people up to $950 over the year, when they move from traditional unlimited plans, is available in two different types. There is the unlimited data, text and talk plan, which will cost $60, which also gives unlimited calls internationally, to some countries.

However you would have to still hand over some cash and you get a limited choice of devices. You can choose the Apple iPhone 5 16GB for $649 or the 8GB version of the Apple iPhone 4 for $449.

If you do want to get this deal you can in more than 2,000 locations, from 11th January. It is also worth noting that visual voicemail is fully supported.

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