Walmart iPhone 5 Deal: How Much Do You Really Save? (Calculation)

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There have been many rumours about a cheaper Apple iPhone coming out. Apple dismissed this just last week and shattered the hopes of many who thought they might be able to get the device for a lot less.

Cheaper iPhone 5 at Walmart

Well they still might if Walmart have any say in the matter. The savings they are offering match the rumours about a cheaper Apple iPhone and the device will have the the same high end specs of the iPhone 5. The rumours about a cheaper device had included the fact that the Apple iPhone “Lite” would come with 8GB of storage and there wouldn’t be LTE.

Walmart are offering their customers cheaper plans thanks to TracFone Wireless and Leap Wireless, they come under Cricket and Sprint’s Virgin Mobile in the US.

It has been said that when worked out, the calculations of the Apple iPhone 5 in comparison to AT&T tell us that customers are able to save around $510 over the period of commitment (two year). Here’s the math:

Walmart: $650 for the iPhone 5 + $45/mo. for unlimited data = $1,730 over two years
AT&T: $200 for the iPhone 5 + $85/mo. for 1 GB of data = $2,240 over two years

This means that you could save as much as $510 and this may be the best deal for the Apple iPhone 5 that is around today.

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