Walmart Cyber Monthly Deals: LED TVs, iPad Mini 2 and Android Devices

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While Cyber Monday is well and truly over it doesn’t mean that you have lost out in the sales. Sales are continued to be offered and one of the deals that you can get is the iPad Mini 2.

Amazon and Walmart were offering deals on many items for Black Friday and one was the 16GB Apple iPad Mini 2, which you could get for $199. Another deal on Black Friday was for the RCA 40 inch TV and this was available for $199.

Amazon didn’t want to be the odd one out and so they offered the Kindle Fire HD with a price tag of $79.99 and the Blu Life 4G LTE Android device was on offer for just $99.

So while Cyber Monthly deals are classed as being over it doesn’t mean that you cannot get hold of great deals, including those on the iPad Mini 2.