VW’s Range Rover Evoque Killer Revealed [PICS]

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…and it comes in the form of a T-Cross Breeze concept model.

It’s going to be unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show later this week for the first time, and it’s already garnering much attention prior to that. The Internet is wonderful in that sense, so we get to see some leaked photos to feed our anticipation. This concept image is only being leaked a day ahead of its official launch; we’re betting everyone’s excited to see it in the metal.

Apparently, the T-Cross Breeze (what a name; but still sounds quite catchy though) is based on the Polo and somewhat provides a preview of how a certain production model would look like in 2018. It’s going to be Volkswagen’s desperate attempt of yelling how much they want and need an open-top SUV segment, and to make that happen, they would be on their way to slay the Range Rover Evoque convertible.

We can’t say for sure which would actually come out on top when they’re being compared side by side, since we don’t know much about the T-Cross Breeze yet. But we think it’s got some potential there, well, at least they are not coming out with some diesel-emission related new models that would crush their fans’ loyalty for them in the long run (again).

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