VW Tiguan Coupe Is The New BMW X4 For Everyone Else

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Volkswagen is really trying to turn over a new leaf here; they’ve got plans to produce a seven-seat version of the Tiguan, and also a coupe-styled version of the compact SUV. That should be some pretty interesting news to look forward to.

The German automaker may still be in the midst of settling its scandalous issue, but it’s not to say that they are not allowed to try something new in the future in hopes of regaining customers’ trust.

Rumour has it that the seven-seater model would be physically longer than the current five-seater, and that it could be codenamed as the “Tiguan XL”. Moreover, it’s going to have a wheelbase that is 110mm longer than the standard SUV’s arrangement, which is 2.68m.

We can expect the coupe-version model to be an interesting and exciting one, and it’s said to be taking down the likes of the Mazda’s upcoming CX-4 crossover. Let’s not forget the fact that the coupe-styled model could also be highly associated as the new BMW X4 that everyone desires.

Are you looking forward to it?

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