VW Gives Drivers Free Gas & Car Washes To Clean Dirty Image

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It’s not often that you get something for nothing but this is what owners of Volkswagen vehicles in Malaysia got. They have been giving away free fuel along with car washes. Owners who fill up their vehicles at the Shell petrol station, which is located on the NKVE highway were treated to a free top up.

Sadly this great deal came to an end on 23 April but before that owners of Volkswagen vehicles could simply turn up at the petrol station and tell the staff that they were driving a VW.

The free petrol was a stunt to put the emphasis on the tagline of VW, which is Always By Your Side. In the stunt Volkswagen surprise their customers in many ways. In this case it was giving them free petrol.

The first instalment in the stunt was giving away free car washes to people at 1Ultama and the second saw car drivers being given treats when they were stuck in traffic.