Volvo XC90 Showing BMW & Audi How It Is Done

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BMW and Audi have been leading the charge for the longest time but it looks like Volvo is now ready to give them a lesson on how it is done.

Things are certainly turning for the better for the Chinese-owned company. To ensure Volvo starts out on the right foot, Geely invested $11 billion in Volvo. The money was used to develop the new engine as well as develope the new SPA platform for Volvo.

It looked like all the hard work paid off because the Volvo XC90a nd the Volvo S90 are now seen as one of the best vehicles in the market right now. It has also been reported that Volvo managed to increase the sales of the Volvo XC90 by 259% in just 18months of being on sales.

Volvo’s goal is to sell about 100,000 units of the Volvo XC90 model and also to work on a new autonomous driving system with the help of Uber. If things keep going their way, we might see Volvo threaten the position of BMW and Audi soon.

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