Volvo XC60 Full EV Might Be Coming Soon?

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Volvo did make it clear that electric is going to play a huge role in their lineup in the future and it looks like two of the models that we will be seeing from them will be based on the XC60 SUV.

This rumour started after Volvo was spotted filling new trademarks for two all-electric vehicles dubbed the B4 AWD and B5 AWD. We know that there is the Ds and the Ts but this is the first time we are seeing engines denoted by a ‘B’.

Since Volvo has so much electric engine plans, most people believe that the B could be short for Battery which could mean that they are preparing to release a few new battery-powered vehicles. Most people believe it will be a full electric Volvo XC60 model that will offer an electric engine while the rest of the vehicle remains the same. We might get a new grille since the electric vehicle won’t need that but that should be all.

What do you think?

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