Volvo XC40 With Electric Powertrain Only Weeks Away

Volvo has announced the date for the unveiling of their Volvo XC40 model and here is what we know about it so far.

This will vehicle will come in as the first-ever zero-emission car from Volvo. According to Volvo, safety was an important goal for them as they reported that the full EV XC40 will be the safest car they have ever built.

The vehicle will be built with a new safety structure developed by the automaker. The battery that will power the motors will be fitted in the floor with a safety cage around it so that it will remain intact during an accident.

On top of that, we will also see the new tech called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in action. The system will come with a few radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors to make sure the driver is well aware of everything surrounding the vehicle.

More details will come in the next few weeks as Volvo prepares to pull off the covers on the 16th of October.