Volvo XC20 Wants What Audi Has Right Now

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The demand for crossover and SUVs is not going to slow down anytime soon and Volvo is thinking about making full use of it by offering a new entry-level small crossover called the Volvo XC20.

The vehicle was first brought to light when Henrik Green, the Head of Research and development for Volvo hinted that the CMA platform that they have now can be made smaller and that creating an XC20 is not going to be a problem.

The platform is the same platform that Volvo is currently using under the Volvo XC40. If Volvo does decide to create the Volvo XC20 model, the vehicle will be coming in to compete with the Audi Q2.

Of course, Volvo has not revealed when we will be seeing it or what is powering it but it is believe that we might see the 1.5 liter three cylinder turbocharge engine under the hood

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