Volvo S90 Getting Some Minor Updates

The Volvo S90 was spotted getting tested out in the open and from what we can see, it looks like it will be getting some minor exterior update for the new year.

The vehicle was only covered in some minor camo sticker so it was easy to see what changes were made to it. Black tapes were used to cover the taillights suggesting that we might see it come with an updated taillight. More claddings were seen in the rear valance but that was all.

In the front, the lower cutouts and bumper were covered up so we might see some changes there as well. The foglights position was the same but they were still covered up so there might be some update there as well.

Of course, we are also expected to see some minor changes made on the inside and new tech offered this time for the mid-cycle refresh. As for when we will be seeing it, we will have to wait and see.