Volvo M Brand Won’t Have Same Goals As BMW’s

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For BMW, the M would represent speed and performance and while Volvo’s new brand will also use the same “M”, it will not stand for performance but for Mobility.

At this point, Volvo has not revealed much about the new M brand but it would be integrated to the Sunfleet service which is a car-sharing operation that has been operating in Sweden for 20 years. According to Volvo, their aim is to provide an alternative to the current service that they are providing which is more like a taxi and public transit alternative.

They did also say that it will provide “on-demand access to cars and services” which many believe could be referring and be part of their Care by Volvo subscription program in the future.

Test programs will start in Sweden and the US next spring while the base of operation for the new M Brand will be in Stockholm.

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