Volvo Engines Could Have More Emission Than Expected

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Volvo engines might have a higher emission rate than stated as Volvo explain that the emission control component used in some of their engines are degrading quicker than they expected.

However, it seems like the issue will only be affecting the engines used for truck and buses. Volvo explains that the engines could exceed limits for nitrogen oxide emission. The largest column of potentially affected engines are from North America and Europe.

Volvo explains that the component met emission limits when it was delivered and that the degradation was not affecting all vehicles and engine the same way which is why only some engines will need to be fixed.

Volvo still has no plans to recall any of the vehicles and they have not been asked by authorities to do so but there were reports that believe that the same issue could also affect Volkswagen and Daimler as it is speculated that the component was provided by an external supplier.

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