Volvo 360c: New Details Pointed To More Autonomous Tech

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At this point, we do not have much on the new Volvo 360c but Volvo’s latest teaser could shine more light on the upcoming model.

The latest teaser is a 13-second long video that showed us the light signature of the vehicle. It was had the tagline “Coming soon: our vision for the future of travel. Could time spent traveling become time well spent? #360c.” which does seem to suggest that the driver might be able to claim back their traveling time. This could mean some sort of autopilot but we will have to wait and see.

The clip allowed us to see parts of the exterior. Overall, it does look like the 360c is going to come with a boxy design. As of now, most poeple think that will preview Volvo’s latest self-driving tech and maybe even their EV powertrain.

More details should be coming soon as reports are claiming that Volvo will start talking within days.

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