Volkswagen Wants To Go Driverless by 2025

While we have been seeing a lot of new autonomous tech and features, the idea of actually owning a fully autonomous vehicle still sounds like something in the distant future but Volkswagen plans to release one in a few year’s time.

According to the reports, Volkswagen plans to launch a fully autonomous driving system by 2025 as they talk about the tech needed to make it happen. The used the e-Golf which was fitted with a long list of sensors including seven radars, eleven lasers, 14 cameras, 14 ultrasound sensors to make sure it has all the information it needs.

It was explain that the biggest obstacle here is to get the vehicle to identify and recognize its surrounding and then create an algorithms to deal with all the possibly traffic and scenarios. Volkswagen also created the Volkswagen Autonomy, a subsiiary that will focus on Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous driving system.

Do you think we will see a fully fucntioning self-driving vehicle by 2025?