Volkswagen Wants A Clean Start

After everything that has happened to Volkswagen in the last few years, the automaker is trying to start fresh by stepping away from diesel and slowing working in more electric models into their lineup. To mark the new future, Volkswagen will also be using a new logo.

The new Volkswagen logo is clean and simple. Gone is the 3D-like design. What we have now is a flat design showing the Volkswagen logo with a contrasting background color. They did choose to keep the V and W design but everything else has been cleaned up.

Besides getting a new logo, it was also added that Volkswagen will also be updating all graphic elements of their communication system and changing them so that they look good on digital media.

They will be showing off this new Volkswagen logo at their Wolfsburg HQ first before updating their Europe and China facilities followed by the rest of the world in 2020.