Volkswagen To Keep Passat Under Lock And Key For Longer

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Wagons and sedans are not too popular at the moment and some models have been harder hit than others. One vehicle that is suffering is the Volkswagen Passat and the new model is being kept under lock and key for a while longer.

Thanks to the lack of demand for the Volkswagen Passat, the plant in northern Germany has been closed. It was first thought that Volkswagen would be closing down the plant between January 25 and February 21, however this period has been extended to include 16, 17 and 21 February.

Volkswagen haven’t tried to hide the fact that the demand for the Volkswagen Passat has gone down and they said that they cannot guarantee there won’t be closures in the future.

At the moment hatchbacks, crossovers and SUVs are in high demand and this has left the Volkswagen Passat sedan out in the cold.

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