Volkswagen Tiguan Limited Time Is Up

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We all thought that the new Volkswagen Tiguan will be coming in to replace the older Volkswagen Tiguan but instead of doing that, Volkswagen chooses to keep the older model around and call it the Volkswagen Tiguan Limited.

But now that the Tiguan Limited enters its second year in the US, some reports are claiming that Volkswagen might be ready to let it go. CarsDirect reported that an email from the brand’s spokesman suggests that the crossover will be discontinued at the end of this year.

It is believed that poor sales were one of the main reason why they decided to kill off the Tiguan Limited. The Volkswagen Tiguan Limited is currently being sold for $22,250 which is cheaper than the new model but you won’t be getting much in return. The vehicle does come with the reversing camera and infotainment system but the rest is just the basic features so most people felt like it made more sense to pay a little more to get the base model of the new Tiguan.

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