Volkswagen T-Roc Compact Exterior Color Bleeds Into The Interior

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We are about a week away from the unveiling of the new Volkswagen T-Roc Compact model and to keep the hype up, Volkswagen has been releasing teaser after teaser with the latest teaser showing us a little more of the interior.

Based on the latest teaser, it looks like Volkswagen will be matching the interior of the T-Roc Compact with this exterior color. The vehicle in the teaser was given a yellow exterior paint and we can clearly see that the interior was colored the same yellow as well.

We are still waiting for Volkswagen to confirm the vehicle’s future in the US. So far, only Europe has been confirmed although most people believe that Volkswagen will eventually offer it in the US as well since they are missing a crossover here in the US.

The new Volkswagen T-Roc Compact will be announced on the 23rd of August.

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