Volkswagen Ready To Leave Diesel Engines Behind

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After the whole Volkswagen scandal, it made sense that Volkswagen would be slowly turning their back on the diesel engines. While some markets will most likely still get some diesel engine options from Volkswagen, one market will not be getting diesel engines from Volkswagen in a few months time.

According to Motoring, Volkswagen plans to eliminate all diesel cars in Australia after October when the updated 2019 Golf will come with only petrol options under the hood. The diesel engine option was also removed from the Passat lineup as well as the Jetta.

Volkswagen explains that they are doing this because they want to reduce the drivetrain complexity of their vehicles in Australia. It was also reported that diesel-powered Volkswagen sales have been dropping with the models only taking up 22.2% of their 2017 sales right now. The emission scandal might or might not have something to do with that.