Volkswagen Puts Chevrolet Bolt In The Spotlight

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Most automakers would only want the consumers to notice them but Volkswagen did the unexpected and promoted the Chevrolet Bolt instead.

The whole campaign is part of a $45 million public awareness campaign where Volkswagen’s Electrify America will have to promote various electric powered vehicles in television and radio ads across the US. The first TV spot was released this week and it was all about the Chevrolet Bolt.

The ads bring to light the advantages and availability of electric vehicles and also reminded the consumers of the growing network of EV fast charges that are popping up all over the metropolitan areas.

Of course, Volkswagen is not doing this because they really want people to notice all the electric models out there but it was the result of their dieselgate scandal and its resulting settlement agreements.

Electrify America also has plans to install thousands of fast chargers across the US so at least some good came out of the scandal.