Volkswagen Polo & Seat Ibiza Recalled Over Seatbelt Issue

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Both Volkswagen and Seat were forced to recall up to 400,000 units of the vehicles after it was discovered that these vehicles were having trouble keeping some of their passengers secured.

According to Tekniikan Maailma, when there are three passengers in the back and the driver makes a high-speed turn left, the middle seat belt buckle could press on the left passenger seat belt buckle and unlatch it. The test was done on the Seat Arona but the issue could be replicated on the Polo and Ibiza.

Seat will be recalling 191,000 Seat Ibiza and Arona while Volkswagen will be recalling 220,000 units of their Volkswagen Polo from 2017 to 2018. Volkswagen also tested it out in their factory and was able to replicate it.

While no fix has been approve yet, it is said that the easiest way to fix it now would be to shorten or lengthen the belt of the middle buckle by a few cm.

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