Volkswagen Polo R Could Still Be On The Table?

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Although we have heard a lot of rumors about Volkswagen working on a new Volkswagen Polo R model to sit on top of the Polo GTI, Volkswagen has never confirmed that rumor and most people are slowly beginning to think that it was just that, a rumor.

However, a recent statement given to Autocar by Karsten Schebsdat from Volkswagen suggest that something like a Polo R is not impossible right now. According to the Chassis development chief of Volkswagen, the Polo certainly has more to offer. He added that the car is still fairly stable in high-speed corners and that the chassis has more to give if needed.

While this is not exactly a confirmation, it does point out that Volkswagen can actually do it if they want to. The question now is whether Volkswagen wants to work on one or not. So far, we have not seen or heard anything official from Volkswagen yet but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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