Volkswagen Passat And Golf: There Is Nothing That Can Stop Them, It Seems

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Volkswagen has been surrounded by a great deal of scandal since the diesel test and they were found to have cheated. This doesn’t seem to have affected them though as it has been reported that the Volkswagen Passat and Golf sales are running low at some dealerships.

However now we have heard that the Volkswagen Passat and the Golf may have a flaw that allows people to hack them. Even worse it was also said that Volkswagen could have known about this fact and even tried to hide it.

After the scandal over the diesel cheating we found out that the 3 litre TDI engine that is used by Audi didn’t come with the cheat device, however the EPA said differently and they said that tests revealed that it could have the cheat device.

With all these issues you would have thought that Volkswagen and the Volkswagen Passat and Golf would have struggled with sales. This hasn’t happened though.