Volkswagen Passat and Golf: Is There Nothing That Can Bring Them Down?

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Volkswagen has been in the middle of scandal after they revealed that they had cheated on the diesel testing. You would have thought that this would have affected sales of the Volkswagen Passat and the Golf, but this hasn’t been so as both the vehicles are said to be selling well at dealerships.

Now there is talk going around that the Volkswagen Passat and the Golf could have a flaw that allows hackers to get into the vehicles. It was also said that perhaps Volkswagen knew about this and they tried to keep it away from consumers.

Following the scandal that surrounded the diesel cheating it was said that the 3 litre TDI engine that Audi use didn’t have the cheat device. The EPA spoke up though and they said that tests had shown that it may have the cheat device.

Thanks to all the issues that have surrounded Volkswagen you would have thought that perhaps the sales of the Volkswagen Passat and the Golf would struggle but this doesn’t seem to have been the case at all.