Volkswagen Passat Along With Golf: Perhaps There Is Nothing To Bring Them Down

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Volkswagen has been in the middle of a great deal of scandal but believe it or not they have still managed to remain ahead in the market. Recently we heard that some dealerships in the US are running low on stocks of both the Volkswagen Passat and the Golf.

It was also said that the Volkswagen Passat and the Volkswagen Golf could have a serious security flaw that means that people can get into the vehicles. Worst still it has been suggested that perhaps Volkswagen knew about this and they have hidden it.

Volkswagen did get shamed thanks to the diesel scandal and the 3 litre TDI engine has been used by Audi vehicles. However it was said that the engine wasn’t fitted with the emission cheat device. The EPA said differently though and said that the engine may have had the device fitted.

With all the scandal going around concerning Volkswagen it wouldn’t have been a surprise if the sales of the Volkswagen Passat and Golf were slumping, but this hasn’t been so.