Volkswagen Not Alone, Subaru Confirms Tampering

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It looks like Volkswagen is not the only one tampering with the fuel economy of their vehicle as Subaru has now admitted that the fuel economy of some of the vehicles was altered.

According to the reports, the alteration took place int heir Gunma and Yajima plant between December 2012 and November 2017. About 900 vehicles were affected. It was reported that the tampering was done when the vehicle was given its final inspection by factory-floor inspectors.

Subaru added that the “non-conforming” practice was identified in late 2017. An internal investigation revealed that out of 7000 units inspected, 6500 units retained its test data and about 903 vehicles had their data altered.

It is said that the vehicle inspectors and foremen were the ones making the decision to made the alteration. Subaru statement revealed that this was done by the inspectors to keep the average values right.

Despite that, Subaru will not be recalling the vehicles but they did say that they will take extra measures to make sure it does not happen in the future.

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