Volkswagen ID.3: A Rocky Start

Volkswagen seems to be having some issues with its software. It was reported that the delay with the Golf was because of some software issue but it looks like it is not the only model that is getting affected by something like this.

Manager Magazin, a German publication reported that Volkswagen is also having some issues with its Volkswagen ID.3 software. The vehicle was supposed to be the first vehicle to use their new vw.OS software platform.

The report claim that Volkswagen has now rented parking space for about 10,000 units fo that their engineers can manually repair the coding flaws on the model and in the Spring of next year, a technician with mobile consoles will fix and install it manually to get the issue fixed.

This is not the first time Volkswagen are facing software issue as this seems to be something that has been plaguing them for years now after the dieselgate scandal. No word on whether this issue will affect the delivering time for the Volkswagen ID.3 or not.