Volkswagen E-Golf Range Crisis Averted Thanks To Help Of Honda

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Volkswagen is making huge strides on the electric vehicle scene as they are getting ready to reveal a number of EV vehicles that offer up superb driving range. The E-Golf that is out at the moment does give us a look into the future of the electric vehicles from Volkswagen and it is convincing.

The Volkswagen E-Golf offers up 83 miles of driving range and this has to some extent put the brakes on the sales potential of the vehicle. A recent survey suggested that electric car lovers are not going to bother too much about the lack of range.

However not it is looking as though the sales crisis may have been averted as an owner of the Volkswagen E-Golf turned his vehicle into a hybrid when he bought a power generator from Honda.

The generator helps him to charge the E-Golf fast and it does so effectively. It is small so it is easy to keep it inside the Volkswagen E-Golf all the time.

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