Volkswagen Beetle Not Ready For Retirement Yet

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There have been a lot of talks about Volkswagen looking to retire the Volkswagen Beetle and while it is clear that Volkswagen has no plans to offer us a new Volkswagen Beetle, it will still be hanging around for a few more years.

According to Volkswagen USA, Volkswagen has no plans to discontinue the Volkswagen Beetle here in the US. They added that Volkswagen did manage to sell about 15,000 units of the Volkswagen Beetles which matches the final years of the previous generation car.

While we will still be seeing the Beetle in the US for a few more years, Volkswagen has made it clear in Geneva that the Beetle would not be getting a successor as they feel like it would not be right for the Beetle to be getting so many new generations. They added that the I.D Buzz would be the heritage model for Volkswagen instead.

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