Volkswagen Beetle Four-Door Ev The Answer?

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The Volkswagen Beetle future is looking pretty bleak right now as Volkswagen is still not sure what they want to do with the vehicle. There were talks that Volkswagen could just kill it off or maybe turn the Beetle into a new model.

While we still do not know what Volkswagen has decided, Kleber Silva thinks that this could be what the Beetle need. The concept created by Kleber Silva is a four-door electric vehicle that has an overall cleaner design with new wheels and blue accents to make it clear that it is an electric engine.

The vehicle was also given a C-shaped LED DRLs and with the new MEB platform, we could definitely see how the vehicle could work however nobody really knows if Volkswagen plans to go down that route.

What do you think of the concept? Do you think it will be enough to save the Beetle?

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